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Alzheimer's Articles

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How Sugar Harms Your Brain Health and Drives Alzheimer’s Epidemic

24 Jul 2014 | 451,468 Views

Mayo Clinic study shows how risky this one food is to your brain, even in small amounts. Another study showed that in just one week, it impaired memory and place recognition. Could preventing Alzheimer's be as simple as avoiding this brain numbing food?

Tunes Could Bring Back Memories Lost to Alzheimer's

10 Jul 2014 | 42,543 Views

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, there’s good reason to turn on some music daily. Even if you don’t, use these strategies to protect your brain health at any age.

Supporting Evidence for Aspartame-Alzheimer’s Link Emerges

26 Jun 2014 | 251,883 Views

Rhesus monkeys fed a substance that's still recommended by many public health agencies and nutritionists developed Alzheimer's-like amyloid plaque formations as well as persistent memory decline. How many of these it's hidden in are you still eating?

Alzheimer’s Disease—Yes, It’s Preventable!

22 May 2014 | 364,214 Views

When you eat this, you are paving the way for Alzheimer's disease, says this leading neurologist. Plus: the forbidden food you should stop avoiding that may be responsible for disease rates soaring over recent decades…

Key Dietary Strategies to Protect Yourself from Alzheimer’s

27 Apr 2014 | 425,132 Views

Research from the Mayo Clinic shows this popular food is associated with an 89% increased risk for dementia. So eat less of it (and more of these foods) to help slash your risk of becoming a victim of this growing epidemic.

Sleep Loss May Cause Brain Damage and Accelerate Onset of Alzheimer’s, Two New Studies Show

03 Apr 2014 | 283,320 Views

It naturally allows your glymphatic system to flush out toxins (linked to Alzheimer's) from your brain, back into your circulatory system. From there, the waste eventually reaches your liver, where it's ultimately eliminated.

Vitamin E May Offer Benefits for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

23 Jan 2014 | 266,982 Views

In 2008, this inexpensive vitamin was found to reduce lung cancer risk by 61%. And there's just been a new breakthrough with this latest study that even left researchers astounded - it was far better at slowing down Alzheimer's than drugs, without the adverse side effects...

Two Exciting Alzheimer’s Advances: A Novel Early Detection Test Using Peanut Butter, and a Study Evaluating Coconut Oil

07 Nov 2013 | 495,045 Views

It is predicted that 1 in 4 of us will be affected by Alzheimer's, and treatments are rarely effective, making early diagnosis become all the more important. Interestingly, using peanut butter and a ruler may help you detect the disease - and this everyday oil may help reverse it...

How Agricultural Chemicals and Hospital Stays Contribute to Alzheimer’s

17 Oct 2013 | 278,397 Views

It's a major hallmark of Alzheimer's, so fixing this deficiency may be protective... especially avoiding these foods that can rob your body of this important mineral. And don't forget these "top 3" prevention strategies...

New Trigger of Alzheimer’s Identified: Stress

10 Oct 2013 | 281,818 Views

This revealing new study found that nearly 3 out of 4 Alzheimer's patients experienced this during the 2 years before their diagnoses. You don't have to be a victim, however, if it happens to you. Here are my best strategies for minimizing its effect on your brain function...


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