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Alzheimer's Articles

Four Tablespoons of This "Brain Food" May Prevent Alzheimer's

When your brain's production of insulin decreases, it begins to starve as it's deprived of the energy it needs to function normally. But taking four tablespoons of this "brain food" each day can...

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Alzheimer's Disease May Result From Past Brain Infections

09 Jun 2016 | 67,458 Views

Accumulating evidence suggests Alzheimer's disease may be infectious in nature. Beta-amyloid plaque buildup may be what's left behind after your brain fights off various infectious agents.

Alzheimer’s and Lyme —Two Diseases Driven by Inappropriate Interventions in the Food Chain

12 Nov 2015 | 252,976 Views

First discovered in 2005, eating these foods invites brain-wasting proteins into your bloodstream and remove insulin receptors from nerve cells in your brain, rendering those neurons insulin resistant, and eventually your memory begins to deteriorate...

Resveratrol May Offer Protection Against Alzheimer’s

28 Sep 2015 | 251,985 Views

By simply taking this substance found in berries, you'll almost automatically improve cerebral blood flow to your brain which can protect you against vascular dementia, as well as stroke. What's more, it may prevent Alzheimer's forming plaque from forming in your brain...

Theoretical Evidence for Human-to-Human Transmission of Alzheimer's

24 Sep 2015 | 367,074 Views

If the thought of having your brain hacked apart by an irreversible disease makes you shudder, this is a must-read. Particularly since some foods can trigger slow-acting Alzheimer's (like Mad Cow's disease), and recent studies show it may be transmissible...

Too Much Weight at 50 Tied to Early Alzheimer's

17 Sep 2015 | 46,661 Views

If you're overweight or obese in mid-life, it could trigger the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms years earlier. In addition to losing weight, there are numerous healthy changes you can make to lower your risk of this devastating disease.

Alzheimer’s — A Disease Fed by Sugar

13 Aug 2015 | 336,338 Views

Compelling evidence now shows this food destroys your brain, making certain parts unable to carry out complex processes. Besides shunning this food, here are 2 other astonishing ways to prevent Alzheimer's... one even works like a vacuum cleaner to flush waste out of your brain.

Advancements in Alzheimer’s Disease Detection and Risk Assessment

09 Jul 2015 | 312,098 Views

Diagnoses are set to triple over the coming decades, and once you've been caught in its trap there is no known cure. But here's how to get a 20-year advanced "heads up" so you can correct your path and dodge it before it hits you like a runaway train.

Might Alzheimer’s Disease Be “Foodborne”?

04 Jun 2015 | 481,482 Views

You will probably eat this today, yet it contains a protein that made Alzheimer's patients 10 times more likely to have been cognitively impaired at death. Will your love of this food eat a hole in your brain tomorrow?

Completely New Models of Dementia Care Are Emerging Across the Globe

23 May 2015 | 376,702 Views

An estimated 5.3 million Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2015. Mounting research suggests one of the worst things you can do that contributes to this disease is to eat these foods. Yet almost everyone is swallowing bucket loads of it every year... Are you?

What Happens to Your Body When You're Sleep Deprived?

17 Jan 2015 | 334,866 Views

One important reason why so many people get so little sleep, or sleep poorly, can be traced back to this. Here's how to fix it so you can get the sleep you need for your mental and physical well-being. Plus: five things that can happen to your body when you get too little sleep.


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