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Unique Care Facilities Offer Hope for Dementia Patients

10 Mar 2018 | 179,386 Views

It's impossible to ignore the hopelessness and grim news about Alzheimer's. No wonder a diagnosis of Alzheimer's brings dread for patient and family. Now a neurologist has found how to prevent and even improve cognitive decline, even if you carry one or two copies of the ApoE4 gene.

Walking While Counting Backward Could Diagnose Dementia

08 Mar 2018 | 35,557 Views

Early detection can help in the treatment of idiopathic normal-pressure hydrocephalus (iNPH), a type of dementia that causes problems with gait, urinary continence and thinking. INPH often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, but a simple test of walking ability while engaging in another task may change that.

Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Strengthens

22 Feb 2018 | 272,693 Views

In fact, this striking study has revealed it increases your risk of dementia by a whopping 89 percent, while this forbidden food lowers it by 44 percent. It's time to take on these cherished falsehoods that are pulverizing our brains.

Is Cognitive Training the Answer for Dementia?

07 Dec 2017 | 160,938 Views

Tested after six weeks, and again one, two, three, five and 10 years later - do the results from these participants offer new hope for dodging dementia? Or is it too early to tell?

How Metabolic Therapies Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases

02 Dec 2017 | 286,870 Views

They've said for years that the cause was unknown. So imagine their surprise when they discovered something totally different. It's actually responsive to various therapies related to this pivotal therapy. And you owe it to yourself and your brain to get in on this fast.

Alzheimer's Disease: New Genetic Culprit Found

05 Oct 2017 | 41,463 Views

APoE4 is the gene most often associated with Alzheimer's disease, but now research suggests a different gene, TOMM40, may play an even bigger role. Remember, however, that your genes are not your destiny, and there's a tremendous amount you can do to lower your Alzheimer's risk, regardless of genetic predisposition.

The Strange Connection Between Vision Loss and Alzheimer’s

04 Sep 2017 | 226,146 Views

Weird link found between amyloid buildup in this location and in your brain. Wreaks all kinds of havoc in both places, but this one's far easier and simpler to detect than in your brain. And it could give you precious prevention time, because days count more than you think. Do this today.

ReCODE: The Reversal of Cognitive Decline

27 Aug 2017 | 214,166 Views

Don't listen to traditional medicine's claims about Alzheimer's. A whopping 95 percent of cases are caused by lifestyle factors over which we have plenty of control. Many of us are walking around with the beginnings of Alzheimer's and don't even realize it - get started now to help safeguard your future.

Strawberry Compound a Key to Good Memory

24 Jul 2017 | 23,830 Views

More research is emerging about a little-known compound called fisetin, shown to have multiple disease-negating effects throughout your body, especially in your brain. Strawberries contain more fisetin than any other fruit, but they also top the 'Dirty Dozen' list of most pesticide-ridden produce. How can you get around that?

Alzheimer’s Deaths Exceed Half a Million a Year in the US

15 Jun 2017 | 222,195 Views

With rates soaring at least 55 percent in recent years, this has become deadly to adults. Please do not ignore it - start following this 14-step plan today, it's your best chance of baffling it before it gets within your strike zone.